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Hello Kitty everything. Yes, that a set of Hello Kitty kendo armor. And Hello Kitty air conditioners.

fumikosan made for you.

Omg please give me everything! I loved the sewing machine and air conditioner the most but everything is so cute, omg XD

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Remember that time the glorious Neo Queen of Everything woke her sleeping beauty of a husband with a magic kiss and thus subverted traditional gender roles for the 1000th time like it wasn’t no thing  (´ω`★)

I never stop remembering

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((oh god I made this GIF this is so surreal))

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I was so excited with my new circle lenses that I dolled myself up haha.


Garfield minus Garfield always makes me laugh

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I bought my first circle lenses! I’m so excited!

They are Kilala Diamond in violet and they’re so cute and pretty comfy as well!


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